The advantages of retrofit

Machine tools represent the fulcrum of the activity of metalworking companies, in fact they constitute a considerable part of the company budget, therefore it is advisable to evaluate a retrofit intervention on machinery, to prolong its efficiency and improve its production performance.

The retrofitting method for machine tools includes the replacement of CNC components, drives and motors. In this way, the customer avoids the purchase of new machinery and extends the life of those already in operation, with the latest generation components. Often, the components of the machines are not readily available and consequently are characterized by high prices. The retrofit allows you to get around the problem with the installation of new and more reliable components. The CNC Robot technicians dismantle the machinery, establish which updates to implement, build and assemble the replacement components, reassemble everything and draw up a new instruction booklet containing the modifications introduced.

The result of the retrofit work will deliver to the customer a reliable, precise machine with low maintenance costs, as well as taking advantage of timely technical support for the newly retrofitted product.

In general, the retrofit includes:

  • repairs or replacement of worn elements;
  • reconstruction of some elements;
  • adjustment of the electric, pneumatic and hydraulic system;
  • installation of the new CNC and PLC;
  • software development of the motion and machine logic part;
  • final debugging of the application;
  • final test with mechanical parts realization.

Disassembly of old electronic components and re-wiring of square terminal blocks.

Installation of the new CNC and PLC hardware and I / O re-assembly.
Installation of motors, cables and drives.

Software development for CNC and PLC, application debugging, alarm and message implementation and axes dynamic calibration.
Work piece customer test.

Manual drafting of instruction and schooling for mechanical and electronic operators. Delivery of the machine to production.

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